One Plus 5! Yeah, but wait what is there in it

One Plus 5 launching 20 of this June , when I came to hear about I was just amazed to see its great metal design with awesome hardware and great features, which might give a competition to the Iphone 7 plus.

But I came to know the design might have been copied from some existing models prevailing in the market. Some were saying that it might look like the Oppo model.

However, even the knowledge of a copy and paste design may be enough to lose the premium feel, especially if the OnePlus 5 ends up seeing a major price hike.

Now its on us for what we wanna buy it for, if looks and features both matter to us then we might buy something else, but if  features and awesome hardware is what we want then it surely will be ONE PLUS 5!

One Plus 5 features


Oppo and OnePlus have close relations so design is same sometimes but if One Plus gives a hefty price tag then it might have to think of it.

Whats your opinion about it let me know in the comment section.images



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  1. AJAY SHARMA says:

    yeah it’s true

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