Nano(baby)Bots redefining everything

Nano bots are the new emerging technology…… Intro of Wikipedia .

I will say nano bots are little babies who are a way to smart to fix some parts of our body or a machine. Keeping that aside, I will call them baby bots. When these bots go for medical checkup their height cant be measured through that standard scale. Because the height is less then 1 nano(baby) meter (not going into the maths, check it out on your own), Now they are commonly used in research and development, but tests are being conducted to help it improve in other fields, not dance and music

See as much as I have heard this can change our medical field. Bacteria or Virus could be killed easily by a baby bot just like this. Oh wait this baby will be dominating the dangerous diseases that people fear of. Lets call the Baby bots as Boss Baby bots


Just like a space shooter game the Boss Baby bots will show their strength.

Another interesting thing during my search I came to know that a BB(Boss Baby) bot made up of DNA material can enter the infected cell from where the cell production system have started and will alter with it to cure cancer. This was really a great feeling now it might be that Cancer comes in the amateur danger group as it could be easily treated.

BB bots in our blood can easily set up their command system and can result in good regulation of blood to all parts of the body.Nanobots.jpg

Programmed BB bots injected in your brain might control it , some researchers said.

Here a thing striked my mind that can nanobots be a reason for a zombie apocalypse in future? As I am Walking Dead fan I will think of it post as soon as I have got a answer which doesn’t crosses reality.

BB bots are the going to be our new future, but only if it doesn’t becomes a way of earning as soon as it becomes then there will be no difference between weapons and BB bots.


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