Face Recognition Tech To Stop Toilet Bandits

China,  the most populous country in the world face the problem of Toilet Paper Thieves or Gangs, who steal toilet papers from community areas like parks, spas, and sometimes bars and clubs. 

Imagine, you are at a park and you see someone entering the washroom. And then immediately you can’t stop as you need to relieve your body from(YOU KNOW WHAT).
And suddenly you don’t find toilet paper inside. Ridiculous it will be. Think of it. And think if you had a date scheduled with your girlfriend and you smeel like stink. It will very bad huh?

So keeping that in mind these guys have come with the idea of recognizing your face when you take up toilet paper and it will not allow you to do same until 10min.

It has been implemented in some public toilets prevailing in the community parks in China and will soon come to the others. Some countries appreciate it and are thinking of doing the same.


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  1. seems a little “Big Brother”y to me but yeah, toilet paper bandits are annoying. I’m reminded of a certain episode of Seinfeld lol

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    1. sovancena10 says:

      Really they are


  2. Absolutely love the phrase “Toilet Bandit”. Maybe it seem like a toilet based Ninja. Great post!

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    1. sovancena10 says:

      Ninja technique for stealing toilet paper. Hahaaa..

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    2. sovancena10 says:

      Check out my other posts bro I will love to have your feedback

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  3. How fast is China developing! Damn! Anyways good read, informative . The term “Toilet Bandit” is cool. And I like the theme cause I use the same . Dyad 2 I presume.

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